Individual Reflection on Group Experience

Words: 253
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays


Group work is an important skill in today’s workplace whether it’s virtual groups or face-to-face. In this class you will be sharpening your group work skill; much of your coursework will be done collaboratively and virtually. This individual assignment will give you the opportunity to reflect on your group experience and connect it to concepts and theories presented in the course.  You are asked to describe how your group/team evolved over the term of the course including:

  • What were the dynamics that occurred between the members and within the group?
  •  How do they compare to the textbook description of group dynamics?
  • What structure emerged for the group?
  •  How did your group’s process compare to the process described in the textbook?
  • Was there any conflict that may have arisen in your group?  No. How was it resolved?
  •  How does this compare to the process of conflict described in the textbook?
  • Did your group have a leader? Yes. If so, how were they chosen? The first person to contact everyone regarding the project so we allowed him to be the leader.
  • What communication issues did you encounter in your group?  No issues
  • How were the problems resolved? No problems


You are then asked to connect your experience with group dynamics concepts presented in the course to illustrate their relevance.  You are also asked to compare and contrast your intra-group conflict experience with techniques presented in the course. The reflection paper should be 10-15 pages in length and should include references to the textbook as well as at least 5 relevant journal articles.

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