Housing and street youth

The paper is on housing and street youth. For this problem-solution paper, I have two options:
1) I need to write about 1 specific problem that street youth face in their acquiring housing, and then suggest a solution.
2) I write on the relation between lack of housing and sexual diseases street youth could encounter.

Some instructions (these are a must):
1) in the introduction, there has to be a specific thesis, wherein the problem and solution are outlined CLEARLY. In other words, the thesis must be focused, grounded, and arguable.
2) Each body paragraph must have a clear topic sentence at the beginning.
3) the location must be one specific place.

Please look at the rubric in attachment file – must be followed carefully.

The original paper is attached. It should be only used to get ideas and a sense of the format. It, however, does not have a specific location, or a clear thesis.

The reference page must have APA citations.

Four possible sources to be used are also attached – not mandatory.

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