Editing, English

Project description
In Part 2 you will provide the following information:
Your current research question (which will be different from the research questions of everyone else in the class). Your research question will ask whether a particular group or government should change or create a specific rule, law, policy, or program in order to solve a specific problem for a specific group of people.
One or more paragraphs that trace the history of the development of a major aspect of the problem or the development of previous solutions to the problem.
Sources. Give the author if available, the title, the publisher, and the publication date. Do not give a URL.
You should create a separate document for notes for your research. You will not turn this in, but this will save you time. In the separate document you should take notes that record important information and you should indicate in the notes where you got information.

As you find sources you should identify an aspect of the problem you are writing about. You should write one or more paragraphs about how that aspect has developed. For example, you can write about previous attempts to solve the problem, changes in the situations of the group that is most affected by the problem, or ways in which the problem has become more or less severe.

It might be good for you to start with a timeline, but do not turn in the timeline. Example timeline:

1960: California Master Plan for Education (state support, low tuition)
2005-6: UC tuition
2008-12: Budget cuts, tuition increases
2012-3: Proposition 30

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