Health Practice Evaluation

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Critically evaluate The XX Hospital Intensive Care Unit Team Leader Self Directed Learning Package (a copy of the self directed learning package is attached) in light of the literature, national and health service policy, and other appropriate sources (especially research on large ICU leadership materials around Australia and New Zealand, could also include some large business model of leadership development within large organizations)
The evaluation should be undertaken using at least three (3) of the perspectives identified in Part 1 (The first issue identified by the past participants was the time required to complete the SDLP, as nurses are required to complete the SDLP in their own time which on completion range from 7-20hours. Another concern was the types of questions within the SDLP. Many felt majority of the questions were basic knowledge for competent practitioners resulting in lost interest or restricting time to research other areas of development. Performance management, communication skills, National Emergency Access Target (set by Australian Department of health and aging, and legislations relevant to ICU nursing leadership appeared to be of little focus. Lastly identified by junior nurses in the leadership module was that the team leader role encompasses such a large range of skills including clinical, managerial, legal and interpersonal, a SDLP was not adequate for nurses that had less than 10-15 years of clinical experiences including life experiences. It was suggested that perhaps a vocational qualification in management would provide more systematic approach in training our future leaders in nursing)

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