General elections in the US

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General elections are a national sign of harmony and democracy in most democratic countries. The democratic right of every individual, as protected by the constitution under the first amendment, dictates that each individual should have a right to representation in government; to choose who is going to lead the nation. When a person’s rights are held back from him, then the individual can claim for unfair and unjust treatment. Such is the case where leaders of a country’s government take part in rigging election polls. Fair elections means that there should be a uniform ground on which the nominees or candidates vie their seats from, and that each elector be allowed to express their freedom of speech by allowing them to choose who they for a leader in the government.

The national general election in the US happens every four years, with the candidates pledging their loyalty to the nation in an attempt to win the greater majority of the voters. The voters have a given right to assemble in such democratic debates to listen to their prospective leaders. Each leader explains his policies for the intended government as he sees it. It is up to the people to choose which leader will introduce the most favorable policies.

General elections in the US

In the past, we have seen the American government excel under such great leaders like President John F. Kennedy, President Washington, Clinton, and Ronald Reagan among many more. The current president, Barrack Obama, took the seat after President Bush exited the powerful position of president of the United States. President Bush has led the country for the last two consecutive terms in office, as the constitution clearly dictates under the 23rd amendment. The New Yorker looked into the issue regarding President Bush’s return to power, and pointed out that there may have been election irregularities during the process of electing the next president, in the year 2004. The result was that President Bush retained power for the following term in the US government as the head of the state and commander in chief. He had the federal backing of the republicans from most American states including his home state, Texas. The American people were however, not amused by it, the media houses rattled about the issue over the news but no citizens were noted to have held rallies in protest of the discovery. The presidential elections were obviously riddled with irregularities if we look at the figures. The Supreme Court suggested a one-month recount for the votes in the state of Florida, after opposition candidate, Al Gore, had accumulated more voter tickets than Bush in most states. The delay however, still showed a majority vote for Bush with 271 votes against Gore’s 267 votes within the state of Florida. The totals reflected that Gore had more votes ranging at 50,158,094 votes against Bush’s 49,820,518 votes nationwide. Bush still won the election and the American people put him in power despite the rigging that was so obvious. The opposition’s range about the rigging the presidential elections subsided and the president took seat.

The most significant attribute about the American people is that they are more docile and reluctant to question authority. They behave as authority expects of them, and this did not just start; it has been in their up bringing for the larger part of their curriculum. They learn only that which is basic to allow them find proper white-collar or blue-collar jobs in the United States, without informing them of the rights and formalities that pertain to them. Entertainment lights up every element of their lives, from television to hand-held gadgets with little access to knowledge.

Most foreign governments rely on the US for resource and financial assistance; we reflect on the issue that the US government receives funding from the Federal Reserve Bank that owns the Central Bank, which in turn lends money to other banks worldwide. This means that they have stakes in the greatest and only lending institution for most financial institutions worldwide. Any negative opinion from a borrowing nation that requires the financial assistance of the US would be deemed unsupportive to the US government, leading to a compromise on its borrowing capacity. No nation would want to do that; bite the hand that feeds it. Instead, they much rather cover up any mishaps from the lender and try to act as though nothing was wrong. Looking at Iran, the US has also found vested interests in the nations fossil resources. The US government sent troops to Iran to secure the fossil fuels that would later be used to fuel the greater mechanical needs o f the US.

Looking at Iran, the latest general elections in Iran rocked the general population for having been rigged; the election process was riddled with illegal voter registration, tampering with results, and unprecedented voter turnout.  The process, which happened in June 12, of 2009, was later marked with religious holidays to allow for assessment. Most of the protestors went missing from security raids and paramilitary attacks in the universities involved in protests. The rigorous demonstrations went beyond recognizing Human rights; the former vice-president was  arrested after suggesting a recount. Other people were also arrested following claims of a case of rigging. Supreme Iranian leaders were backing up Ahmadinejad in his victory, demanding for calm in the country. Communication lines were controlled and web sites blocked for containing content about the President’s forged victory. By the next day, protest against Ahmadinejad’s conquest and in support of Mousavi rocked the countries major cities under the name, green revolution, depicting the presidential campaign color of the opponent.  Mousavi lodged an official complaint to the 12-members Guardian council the next day. The voter turnout in most precincts was lower than the reported votes cast on the Election Day, including a higher vote-count for President Ahmadinejad in his rival’s hometown. The presidential results were announced merely two hours after the whole casting was closed, with Ahmadinejad winning the elections.

This violence persisted until 5thAugust of the same year when an inauguration was held in parliament to put Ahmadinejad to power for the second term of Presidency. A few activists and civilians were killed during the protests, which persisted and later changed tactic to a passive mode following the deaths in the country.

Shifting to the US Government, we see the same happen with Bush’s victory, but no rallies or protests. According to reports, technical problems had required that the final tally of the vote be delayed. A recount in the state of Florida revealed that the vote count in favor of President Bush was not genuine; therefore, they called on the Supreme Court to rule on the issue. The result was a vote in favor of the president, and Bush won.

On a different case, the US government, under the Bush administration, offered $400 million in support of CIA coverts against Iran’s Islamic regime. The foreign interference from the US may have played part in the destabilization of the Government during the subsequent protests on Iran. The financial aid against the Government of Iran happened under the Bush administration.

The American Civil Rights as illustrated in chapter 23 bears flaws that go far to illustrate how self-absorbed they are; they deem their land as naturally owned by whites, and view blacks as lesser men from the need to amend the rights stipulated in the constitution as pertains to man. The need to alter a statement that is inclusive of every man to include blacks in its consideration indicates that, the black community reserves no right to own, and be protected by the American constitution. The signing of the Civil Rights Reauthorization Act on July 0f 2006 was merely a way of gaining the majority favor from the black community. As a reflection of the fraudulent winning of Bush’s 2000 and 2004 elections, we notice that the American society viewed Al Gore’s power conquest as un-patriotic and as such did not rally much when the results were rigged.  Al Gore finally took the Vice President’s seat after losing to Bush in a fraudulent victory.


The American state of democracy fairly squares out its description of real Americans in the way it defines its laws and constitutions. The anti-Islam mentality based on the Government’s bias, combined with the Civil rights discrimination of the Hispanics and Blacks living in the US clearly indicates that America is nothing short of a subjective democracy. It has failed its people, and falls short of the description of a modern society. The dictation of the rights that the nationals bear distinguishes between the proper mind of a critical thinker and the stupor of the American mind. American’s need to recognize the faults in their leadership and educational systems to realize they need a change. It needs to rectify its social mentality, and it needs to replace the discriminative regime and see each individual for who they are, American citizens.

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