Dictatorships and the Second World War Discussion: What was the relationship between the First and Second World Wars? In what ways are they two separate wars, and in what ways are they a continuation of the same war?

Dictatorships and the Second World War Discussion: What was the relationship between the First and Second World Wars? In what ways are they two separate wars, and in what ways are they a continuation of the same war?

The Second World War was an extension of the Second World War since it was a struggle for superpower and authority.  The nineteenth century powerful nations and their social ideologies never changed in the twentieth century’s Second World War. The treaty of Versailles, War Guilt Clause, 231 implicated German, as the initiator of the war where Germany would do anything to avenge the humiliation they experienced when signing the pact.  The pact placed Germany as being responsible for financial compensation, vanished territory, its army condensed to a hundred thousand men, forbidden from owing an air force and their navy condensed to six battleships without any submarine.  Therefore WWII was unavoidable where Germany threatened to wage war by extending to Europe and the WWII was meant to curb them from doing so just like the WWI. The Second World War however, had advanced weapons such as aircrafts, atomic bombs, and submarines and fought on the land, water and air unlike the First World War, where they used primitive weapons such as toxic gases and early crafts and fought in trenches. Germany was involved in both wars attacking France, Great Britain, Russia and America.WWI was meant to attack nations while the second was meant to attack ideologies such as communism and fascism and had more casualties as compared to the WWI.

In addition WWII signified the peak of the great practical & spiritual problems of the era of anxiety, which triggered in several nations, the establishment of dictatorship. A number of the dictatorships marked a difference in conservative authoritarianism and most importantly, it was a fateful discovery of emergence of radical dictatorship which was extremely dynamic and very powerful.  There cropped up totalitarian regimes in nineteen twenties and thirties as indicated by Hitler’s rein in Germany and that of Stalin in Russia. These leaders demanded devoted and exclusive attention of their citizens. Stalin wanted to create socialism through the communist party while Hitler facilitated limitless territorial & racial hostility against Jews and the gypsies which led to genocidal racism in the name of domestic recovery. This put Europe in a nightmare where the racist Nazi regime had to be seized off power through violence.

As a result modern history is characterized by merging of nations to become powerful and conger other nations. The western civilization as indicated by the European nations invaded other parts of the globe to manifest their cultural, political and economic power and control. Traits such as individualism, materialism and liberalism have been manifest where superpowers have continued to suppress the weak and acquire dominance in trade and obtaining colonies, which are aspect that led to First World War. Consequently, a movement to retain the status quo and have social revolution was initiated in America, France and Britain characterized by conflicts. Totalitarian aspects rose to create a new western culture of civilization which reawakened Japan to seek to restore moral sanity by establishing a new world order and establish stability in East Asia, a quasi colony of America and Europe. This is an expression of the 1930s Japanese ultranationalism or radical nationalism to liberate Japan out of misrule and exploitation of resources of the western civilization. This gave Japan a reason to attack the western nations i.e. America during the Second World War. Unfortunately, they got their own medicine when they were bombed at Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945 after an attack on Pearl Harbor.

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