Film Analysis Paper

Words: 184
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays

This third assignment is a film analysis paper.  Choose any of the directors studied in this class, either from the syllabus or the Viewing List.  Watch at least three of his or her films, and write a paper about the themes examined in this body of work and how these relate to its visual style.  In the case of filmmakers working in more than one national cinema, please note that the films you choose have to be productions from Asia, Africa or Latin America.  If you are interested in studying a filmmaker not covered by the syllabus, or included in the Viewing List, please clear your choice with me.

This paper should reflect your understanding of the films.  Outside sources are not needed, but if you use them, please cite accordingly.

Viewing list:
HANA-BI (Fireworks, Japan,1998) Takeshi Kitano 103’

RASHOMON (Japan, 1950) Akira Kurosawa 88’
OHAYO (Good Morning, Japan, 1959) Yasujiro Ozu 93’

THE TWILIGHT SAMURAI (Japan, 2002) Yoji Yamada 129’

YELLOW EARTH (People’s Republic of China, 1984) Chen Kaige 89’

INFERNAL AFFAIRS (Hong Kong, 2002) Wai-keung Lau, Alan Mak 100’

RAISE THE RED LANTERN (PRC, 1991) Zhang Yimou 124’
CHUNKING EXPRESS (Hong Kong, 1993) Wong Kar-wai 102’

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