Configuring Active Directory

This assignment contains two (2) deliverables including a 3 slide PowerPoint presentation (3a) and a 4 page written paper. You must submit both deliverables for the completion of this assignment. Transnational Railways (TR) is a transportation company that operates a railroad system across the United States and Canada. Imagine you are one of several network administrators assigned to manage TR’s network. TR’s network is composed of a multi-domain forest. The root is named with four (4) child domains named,,, and Active Directory is configured for each domain. The forest root domain is named HQ_Site, and the remaining four (4) are named North_Site, South_Site, East_Site and West_Site.

1.TR has several Supervisory Conductors (SCs) stationed in different networked geographic regions who need access to a transport control module, and other resources. The following info details placement of the SC’s: ?Two SC’s have been placed in a global group in the forest root domain named SC_HQ_. ?Three SC’s are in global groups in each of the child domains. These groups are named SC_North, SC_South, SC_East, and SC_West. 1.Propose a plan that will allow all the SC’s access to the networked transport control module and other resources in the HQ domain while preventing them from accessing other resources in all the other domains besides their own. 2.Explain why Microsoft’s AGUDLP approach is either advantageous or disadvantageous in this situation. 2.TR has gone on a hiring spree and needs to immediately create hundreds of new user accounts. The new employees will all be working at the company’s headquarters in various departments. These employees must be added as quickly and efficiently as possible. 1.Explain at least two (2) tools that Windows 2008 provides that can help you efficiently create multiple users and groups. 2.Explain why you would choose these tools for this situation. 3.TR’s Network Administrator has tasked you with ensuring the security of the company’s highly sensitive transportation infrastructure data. She knows that a secure network starts with ensuring the highest level of user account security. She has asked you to develop a plan to educate users on the importance of network security. 1.Create a 3 slide presentation that can be used as part of a campaign to communicate the importance of network security to the corporation’s broad range of employees using Microsoft PowerPoint or a similar presentation software tool. 2.Defend how the approach you have taken to educate broad users will differ from the specialized education needed for higher-level security (i.e. securing the use of an administrative account). 4.You have been asked to create new Organizational Units (OU) for many of the newly hired employees. Many of these newly hired employees are expected to shift to different departments within the next few months. 1.Describe two (2) benefits of creating OUs to represent different functional departments. 2.Propose a way you can easily move users between OUs to help support the expected shift of employees to different departments. 5.You have created OUs to group users and computers by department. The Network Administrator has decided to use Group Policy Objects (GPOs) to help strengthen the security of the network. She has asked you to contribute to strengthening the network’s security. She is especially concerned about user account security and event auditing. 1.Choose and discuss two (2) domain-wide account policies that you believe would be effective to implement. 2.Explain at least (2) implications to planning an auditing strategy. 6.Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

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