Explain how the genre is shaped by its context and users. Is the genre unique to this organization?

Project description
Im doing a genre analysis over film reviews. If allowed please add more info on how a film review is structured and written. Also explain more on logos. I use the word \”watch\” a lot if that can be fixed awesome.

By assuming the role of an interpreter, you will be breaking down a genre into specific features and interpreting the importance of these features to its particular purpose and rhetorical context. Your report should:
Identify the specific organization that created this example. (Who created it?)
Identify the specific users and audience for the example. (Who uses it? Who is it designed
Define common genre features including some but not all of the following:
Design/layout/length of the document
Organization of information
Tone: language formality
Visuals: Use of color, photos, videos, and/or graphics
Text: Font types, font sizes, effects
Rhetorical strategies or moves
Citations (How is outside information referenced?)
Analyze the genre in relationship to its context.
Explain how the genre is shaped by its context and users. Is the genre unique to this organization?
If so, why does the genre only exist in this organization? How does it relate to the communitys specific needs?
If not, how is this organizations version of the genre similar to other versions of this genre? How is it different from other versions of the genre? Why is it similar and/or different?)
Remember, your evidence consists of examples of the genre and information gleaned from interviewing at least one person who uses the genre:
Someone who helped author/produce the text to discuss it from the writers perspective.
Someone who uses/consumes the document to get an audience perspective.

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