1. Please read the order instructions in the attachment SA W2 D2 R.docx

Please read each and every line precisely in the attached document to understand the instructions. Answer ALL questions. Label response (e.g. Part 1, Part 2, Part a, b or Title by question itself etc.) so I know what you are answering. Look at the course learning outcome to gain more understand about the order as well. Please make sure that your writing clearly responds to what is being asked. **Use all cited, scholarly sources provided. Be sure to include APA references: *** Your responses must be organized, present a clear point of view(s) or idea(s), using rich and significant detail. Your 100% plagiarism free, responses must be relevant and meaningful with clarifying explanation and detail. Your response must draw insightful conclusions, thoroughly defended with scholarly evidence (2 or more references) with a rich array of examples. Your responses must be easily understood with no/zero grammatical errors. There are no extensions on this order so ask me far in advance if you have any questions. If possible, please send me a draft before deadline so you have time to make corrections. Please take your time and do not give me rushed, careless, unprofessional work – look over your work. Please ask questions if you need clarification on anything or need me to send you an attachment etc. No one wants to read a post that rambles on and doesnt have a point…Read the discussion posting directions carefully. What is it you are being asked to comment on? Make sure you know what you are supposed to write about. Sometimes it is a personal response, sometimes it is a chance to absorb the material by restating the ideas presented in the reading, and sometimes it is a combination of ideas….Read all the related discussion questions before you start the reading and other assignments, that way the topic will be on your mind when you are responding. Think about your point. What is it you want to say to your fellow classmates and your professor? Limit yourself to the topic and make sure your point is relevant. Make that connection between the theories and ideas and real life. Gather your references. Make sure to cite your references. Not giving others credit for their work is plagiarism, so cite your source. Make sure others can find the information from the citation; give the title, author, and date… Check out or to get help References also helps forum members better answer your questions, as they can clearly see where your coming from… Have your references handy when you write, so it doesnt break your train of thought or slow you down. Write out your response. Make special use of the preview tool and the spell checker. If you dont have those tools or are uncomfortable using them, use your favorite word processing software or text editor, like Microsoft Word. If you are supposed to write a response to the question and respond to other postings, make sure you do that and do it well – no short response to another posting. Be sure to include details. Its OK to disagree with a classmates posting. But be polite if you disagree and make sure you explain why. Complete the order on time and express some of your self in the responses…Sometimes a quick story makes a better point than a long ramble about the theory. Applying the class information to real life is what discussions are usually about. To improve the quality of your responses and promote meaningful conversation: Ask open-ended questions to promote discussion. Open-ended questions require individuals to write more than a simple one- or two-word answer. Open-ended questions require the use of critical thinking skills and allow individuals to reflect on their thoughts and feelings about a particular topic. Dont be afraid to disagree. It is okay to disagree with what someone has to say or play the devils advocate. However, when you choose to disagree, remember to do so respectfully. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it is okay for you to offer your own interpretation. Give reasons for your opinion. It is important to provide reasons for your thoughts and feelings about the topic. You may even choose to make a personal connection or share a personal experience with your classmates. Applying class information to real-world situations is a great way to demonstrate that you truly understand what you are learning. Think outside the box. Online discussions can get boring when everyones posts begin to sound the same. Dont be afraid to propose a new idea or ask a probing question to generate conversation. Include outside resources. It is often helpful to include outside resources in your responses. Share an article or a website that is relevant to the topic of discussion. Introducing new, relevant ideas from resources, other than the provided class materials, can help take learning to the next level. Remember, the discussion is a place for you, to express your own opinion. Your responses should help your classmates engage in more meaningful online conversations. Makes direct references to the lesson material and includes specific details and examples, supported with appropriate citation (if new to citation, includes a page number for starters, but attempts to demonstrate academic integrity). Make sure you are on topic and your response(s) contribute to the quality of the discussion. Address all sub-questions, if present. Use the wording of the discussion question(s) or writing prompt(s) in the development of the topic sentence(s) used in the written response(s). Use proper paragraphing technique to separate responses to various sub-questions Use correct spelling and grammar. This is a PhD, doctor degree order – use proper English and show intelligence in the writing. Let me know if you have any question and thank you for taking my order.

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