Essay, Political Science

Each student will be responsible discussing the essential features of a government of a nation, not in Western Europe. Be careful to discuss the essential features of this government form. How are laws enacted or policies chosen? What role do elections play? What is the constitutional structure? What are the political parties or players? The assignment is not to re-write the chapter or paragraphs in the chapter of the textbook, but to summarize the facts and information. This paper is due by November 14, 2016 for more certainty.

In the country report paper, it is expected that there will be a bibliography and footnotes. If footnotes and bibliography are missing the paper cannot receive a grade of \”A\” no matter how well written or well researched. When quoting, use quotation marks. There should be comparative analysis in the paper, not just description. The textbook by Roskin needs to be a critical source of information.

Here are some sources to use:

The CIA world fact book:

The Library of Congress: Portals to the World:

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