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This is a part of the competitive industry analysis. The company that I am working on is Target Corporation and the industries that you should look into are Retail and Supercenter Industries. I attached an example of this assignment. Please follow this format. There are three parts:
1- Approach
2- Evidence
3- Strategic Implications
You can use as many sources as you want but I believe 6-8 is ideal. You must use reliable sources. DO NOT use any sources for \”Approach\” and \”Strategic Implications\”. You can use only for \”Evidence\” part. For other two parts (approach and strategic implications) you should come up with your own ideas and thoughts. Do not forget that this is an industry not a company analysis. You should find three bullet points for Retail Industry and three bullet points for Supercenter Industry considering \”Rate of Innovation\” (6 total).

The attached example is for \”Industry Product Life Cycle\”. But as I mentioned above, my part is \”Rate of Innovation in Industry\”. Do not forget to insert footnotes as I need to know which bulletpoint is taken from which source.
Instruction files

industry_product_life_cycle.docx(100,33 KiB)

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