effects of hookah on adolescents

Identify a pediatric health issue and describe the current scope of the issue. For example, discuss incidence, prevalence, policies, impact on health, and current interventions. Support your description with current relevant data. What would be nursing’s role in addressing the problem. How would solving the problem improve the health of children? The paper should be 5-7 pages in length, typed, double-spaced, using APA format. Use a minimum of 5 references: original research or review articles. Reliable websites (e.g., NIH, CDC, WHO) should only be used for statistics (such as incidence, prevalence, etc.) not for medical information. You may not use the Ball & Bindler text for this paper. Do not site research findings from an organization (for example, the American Academy of Pediatrics, AAP), only from the original research or from a literature review article. If citing a review article, you need to be clear (e.g., Author 1 found, as cited in Author 2’s review, that….). Consider adding the PIP to your portfolio.

Topic examples (you can choose one of your own or one from this list):

Dental care, ethical issues (treatment decisions, end of life), injury (specific type, age-specific), pain management in children (e.g., procedural pain), immunizations (specific issues or concerns, barriers, global issues), mental health, bullying, risk taking, child abuse, homelessness, lead-poisoning, stress (specific stressor), community issues, physical inactivity, body art, violence, abandoned babies, technology issues, environmental contaminants.

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