Does the flu vaccine protect against influenza?

Does the flu vaccine protect against influenza
Re-evaluation Thesis: The CDC claims that the single best step to avoid getting the flu is to get vaccinated against it.
What is Influenza?
Contatagious respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus
Infectious affects birds and mammals
Caused by RNA virus orthomyxovridae
Chills, fever, sore throat
Muscle pains, headache severe
Coughing, weakness or fatigue
General discomfort
Conditions of improvement
How dangerous is the flu
Person @ greater risk of the flu
How Prevalent is the flu
What are the three main strains?
CDC stats on how many people die from the flu vs. own official records
What other types of illnesses to people die from more prevalent than the flue
Flu Vaccine 5 separate available in us
4 are injections, nasal,
How is the flu vaccine made?
Other ingredients in vaccines
Flu vaccines contain questionable substance
How safe is flu vaccine
Allergies and Guillain Barre Syndrome
Influenza deaths in Children
How effective is the flu virus
Evolution of a worthless flu vaccine
Efficacy in children under 2 years over 2 years
Efficacy in adults
Efficacy in the elderly
Summary of flu vaccine efficacy
Annual flu shots among healthcare workers
Vitamin D against the flu

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