Define "intellectual property" and relate your discussion to copyrights laws in Canada. What is considered intellectual property? How would you distinguish 'stealing' from a legitimate sharing of ideas/stories/characters etc.?

Words: 324
Pages: 2
Subject: Essays

•    (1) Introduction
•    Start by defining the term.
•    Provide an essential definition of the term – refer to a dictionary, a legislative document, an expert’s definition etc.
•    Also, use an illustration, comparison, negation, or a short narration to better define the term.
•    Then explain why the definition might be problematic.
•    Is there an agreed-upon meaning of the definition?
•    Use Lewis’s typology of definitions: arbitrary, subjective, definitions with purpose, and problematic definitions.
•    How does the definition fit into Kent’s typology?
•    Who defined the term?
•    From what point of view?
•    Is the definition biased?
•    Is it descriptive or prescriptive?
•    What purpose is served?
•    What power backs up the definition (Lewis 75-76).

•    (2) Body
•    Analyze the definition by using Lewis’s three criteria: content, purpose and effect.
•    Just as Lewis analyzed the terms pornography and the First-Nations identity, you should also provide a detailed analysis of the term you chose by applying the criteria of content, purpose and intent (each criterion should be discussed in a separate body paragraph).
•    Demonstrate the effectiveness of the definition if only the criterion of content is used.
•    What happens when you include the intent and the effect criteria?
•    How do the definition process and the authority behind it affect the social context?
•    Can the definition be used as a tool of manipulation and how?
•    For example, explain what happens when the term “confidential information” is defined by the criterion of content.
•    How do the intent and effect criteria contribute to the clarification of the term?
•    Explicitly refer to Lewis’s  concepts and statements. However, you should not simply quote or paraphrase the author, but should apply the author’s method when analyzing the definition process.

•    (3) Conclusion
•    Evaluate the effectiveness of the three criteria in defining the term.
•    Have the boundaries been established?
•    Does the definition reflect a prejudice?
•    Has the cultural norm has been used as reference?
•    Are any parts of the definition questionable?
•    Summarize the social implications of the definition process.

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