Critical thinking Topic: Literary Analysis: "Passing" by Nella Larsen

Compare and Contrast the way Nella Larsen depicts issues of race or identity in her novel Passing to examples from literature, history, current events, and/or your own experiences or observations.

1. In order to begin, you must first decide whether you will explain what Nella Larson is saying about race or identity

2. Once you pick your focal point for Passing, you then need to decide what Nella Larsen’s message about race or identity is. This is the message you prove with quotations from the novel.

3. The first body paragraph should prove the message about race or identity, using integrated quotations and analysis for Passing.

4. You also need at least one example to compare and contrast from an outside source. Think of when you have seen people struggle with issues due to race or identity. Consider the extremes others have gone to in order to fit in (plastic surgery, steroids, cheating, etc. ) or think about the internal difficulties people face due to race or identity issues.

5. Your remaining body paragraph(s) should explain whether or not Nella Larsen’s message is similar or different than your outside source, and it explain why it is similar or different .

6. You conclusion should serve as an opportunity to connect to your reader. How does the novel and your outside source(s) connect to our understanding of the world around us?

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