Before the Law: An Introduction to the Legal Process

Explore how Kafka’s perceptions/model of the law and legal systems can be employed to assist in examining the issues currently facing the US legal system (and/or legal professional) that were discussed in class and that are found in the assigned reading.  Make sure your answer includes a discussion of what Kafka’s perceptions/model is/are. Select at least two of the issues discussed in class and covered in the assigned reading and examine how the readings from Kafka relate to these issues.  (Examples of issues discussed include, but are not limited to: access to justice, public trust of the legal system, and the public’s perception of lawyers and the legal profession).  Critique Kafka’s perspective.  Does it fully address all aspects of these issues?  What other perspectives should be considered?  Explain.  (Remember that you are to cite to the assigned readings and any other materials you use in your answers and indicate those references through APA citation).

These are the reading that we covered from the book, the Moral Compass of an American lawyer and Before the Law: An
Introduction to the Legal Process.

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