Critical thinking Topic: Critical Analysis of Allen Johnson

Select ONE theme or topic from the reading “Privilege, Power and Difference,”(from chapter 1 through 5) write a TWO part critical analysis.

TITLE OF YOUR SUBJECT LINE: title of the theme

1. Introduction
Your first 1-2 paragraphs should be OBJECTIVE. What is the topic from the reading you will discuss? What are the key points from the reading(s) related to that topic?
Do not give a list of examples or a description of the reading but rather what is the theme of the reading, the concepts discussed and the way it is demonstrated. Be sure to CITE with (Author, pg#) for Direct Quotes, but use them sparingly. I want your words, however, do not plagiarize by coping words from your reading without citing.

2. Personal Reflections
This section must be ONE FULL PARAGRAPH, including personal processing and reflections of this section of the course. How is it connected to your personal experience, knowledge base, social situation, or current event or issue? How does this reading make you feel, what are your thoughts, views, opinions?

Organization, analysis (over regurgitation), grammar, spelling, writing mechanics

Proper in-text citations and works cited

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