compare and contrast the approach to Roman art and material culture

compare and contrast the approach to Roman art and material culture expressed in two articles given.  Your review must contain: 1. A short summary of the content of each article, in which you state as clearly and concisely as possible what the main points are that the author(s) argue(s). Be brief, stick to the main points and ignore examples, but be comprehensive. This section must show that you have read the whole text, and not just part of it. 2. An analysis in which you first describe each author’s approach to material culture and/or Roman art, and then compare these approaches. In other words, how much does each author use material culture as evidence, and how does each author “translate” inanimate objects into meaningful evidence? That latter question is the most difficult one. Do not try to make this analysis exhaustive. You can limit yourself to a brief general discussion and one typical example for each author. Bear in mind that you are not writing an essay about a specific topic. I am not interested in your views about the topic at hand. I want you to study how the author approaches the problem and what kind of reasoning s/he uses to arrive at his conclusions. 1. Does the author clearly identify the problem s/he is tackling? 2. Does the author clearly identify main sources of information? Does s/he focus on a selection of sources or all relevant? If a selection, selected by which criteria? 3a. Does the author explain how s/he will analyze the sources? Do the sources “speak for themselves”? Do the sources require specific methodological analysis? 3b. In particular: how does s/he use art/material culture? Does the art/material culture speak for itself? Is a specific method required for analysis?

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