Collapsed Mine on Manager’s Fault One

Collapsed Mine on Manager’s Fault One of the collapsed mine shaft case happened in West Virginia, where there were some mines digging the coal. The safety director had detected some gas buildup and upon reporting to the manager, he made an assumption that the gas was likely to waste away without explosion. The mining processes therefore continued where sadly the explosion took place and left at least three dead, eight were trapped while some managed to escape. On rescuing process, three more died upon two more explosions and one was killed for food by the trapped victims. From the report given by the safety director which led him to lose his job, the manager was therefore alleged with criminal negligence but the mine recommenced its operations afterwards. I feel that the manager did not care much on human life where he focused more on the financial gains. To begin with, it seems that the cost which the manager would have lost if he closed the mine was too significant to him compared to the lives of the miners. He could not just afford to close the mine where he went ahead and warned the safety director against saying anything regarding the presumed danger. I strongly feel that he knew there were chances of the gas to explode because if not, he could not have posed any warning to the safety director after all he was higher than him in position and he had the final authority. Despite this warning the explosion of the detected gas occurred. I also see that when he realized the situation had worsened he tried on the means to help it. In addition to this he finds it hard in making the decision on the rescuing process as there was much to be spent. In my opinion the amount to be spent on rescuing process should not be the subject but more consideration on the process itself. When putting into considerations of two ways on which one was safer and the cheaper while the second option was more dangerous and expensive he considers the latter as it was faster. In this he does not care much on human life such that the more dangerous way caused three more deaths to them that were rescuing the trapped. Out of this, I think that the reason which led into the latter consideration was to quicken the process that he may continue with the mining process rather than the slower way which would take same time thus delaying the mining process. Making money was more significant because after the safety director gave the report to the newspaper he was fired as he should have remained quiet to secure his job. In conclusion, the poor consideration of human life by the manager resulted into seven people losing their lives. Human life cannot be compared with anything else in the world that worth it. He indirectly caused the trapped miners consequently to cannibalize by eating their fellow miner which is an act against human ethics but they had no chance otherwise they would have all died: an act they may never forget in the rest of their lifetime. Individual selfishness is more dangerous especially when the rights of others are ignored more so right to life. The manager was supposed to enhance good working environment and all safety measures, a responsibility that he failed to. I believe that the case served as an example even to the manager who thereafter took the position on running the mining activities to avoid such occurrences, and not only to him but to all managers. It is clear that the safety director had informed the manager on presumed death and when warned he remained quiet. The biggest challenge or question is what else the safety director could have done to safe the situation now that he himself had all the information at hand.

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