Health Care in the United States


Health care can be defined as the maintenance of mental and physical wellbeing by treating and avoiding sicknesses using services presented in health profession. Health care is as much valuable as the patients’ value and what is considered as the right level of health care is the effectiveness of the treatment or the prevention of a disease at hand. Health care in United State has faced a number of challenges on the effectiveness of the system. Accessibility of the health care has been limited with uneven quality which is dependent on high cost of treatments with frequent errors (Albert 82). This research is inclusive of the redefinition of the health care problems basing also on the historic perspective. There is however solutions which can be put into place in an attempt of fixing the problem thus promoting effective health care system.

To start with, health care system in U.S is considered broken and before the attempts of fixing the problem it is important to understand where the brokenness has taken place, how and why. The cost of health care is very high in U.S thus financial barriers have prevented many from receiving the needed care of their health. Approximately 37% skip medication and fail to see the doctor while others fail to acquire recommended care in that they fail to afford it (Davis par 3). The higher cost in U.S has not enhanced a greater access to health care than elsewhere. The hospitals however, provide liberated care but the approach to promote access to health care is far away from ideal in that there is a significant gap which is experienced between the finest practice and the real nature of care provided. At the same time the high expenditure in the health care would be expected to promote prolonged life expectancy which is not the case. The high rates of medical errors have at the same time caused deaths in U.S. The uninsured have also a problem with accessing health care (Rabin 8).

Back in 1850, accident insurance was founded which provided indemnity against injuries which occurred on railroad or steamboats. At about 1866, there were about sixty insurance organizations which offered accidents coverage. In 1890 the genesis of sickness coverage became effective and in 1911 a disability policy document was issued to the first employer-supporter group. Before 1920, the professionals did not have knowledge on the diseases in the provision of constructive care to the patient thus they could not charge high cost. There was however few employers who provided health insurance while the rest paid the cost from their pockets at the same time being treated at individual’s home. As the doctors improved in their knowledge on diseases that led to offering of effective treatments, they increased the charges while treating people in hospitals using invented medical technologies which increased the cost further.

In 1940 the use of medical technology started being more sophisticated all through to 1960. There was a tremendous increase in insurance companies covering medical care. Even though the system seemed to be more established the cost increased by use of the new technologies and competitions increased among hospitals (Kenneth, Demakis and John 18). The health insurance however needed to be provided to the unemployed, and employees of small companies as some did not offer insurance as well on self employed. In 1970, a new plateau on costs was created on health care by the federal programs. There was however reforms which were done in 1990s on health care in U.S. Health care in U.S have been measured in reference to health insurance provision and not on doctors’ availabilities and hospitals. The concern has been to increase benefits in health insurance thus reduce financial barriers in health care provisions. The healthcare expenditures amounted up to 32% in Medicare together with Medicaid in 2001. In 2007 there were about 15% people without insurance while 1 million people lost insurance coverage in 2009. Without insurance coverage it is hard to acquire proper medical care in U.S.

This challenging problem of high cost in health can however be worked on in attempts or reducing it. Simplifying the complicated health care structure can help reduce the high cost of the health care. Through proper management of these care systems the reforms should be made on health insurance segment which bound the patients from accessing the best health care and also impeded professionals in the sort of care being provided. This is possible when the State tools promote creation of innovative reforms that are meant to lower the overall costs in health care services. Universal coverage of all Americans at an adequate level should be provided by promoting automobile insurance. Every citizen should therefore be enrolled in a health plan of individual’s choice thus all uninsured people would receive payments to cover basic plan system. This is however possible when there is increased efficiency in redirecting revenues either current or new. The insurance premiums that are paid to employees could fund the system as they do not promote health care coverage (Lyon 1).

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