Case study Topic: Managing with intgrety


Managing With Integrity

In Weeks 6 and 7, you have seen how a manager is much more than just someone who ensures that others are doing their jobs. In a larger sense, managers serve as the moral compass for an organization and often find themselves tasked with making uncomfortable decisions. This week’s readings introduce moral issues that may arise in a multicultural context in which different cultures possess mores that you do not share. Also consider the moral implications of doing business in a virtual environment on the web. What do you think about companies that do not fully represent themselves or make false claims on a website? To increase sales and enlarge the customer base, online businesses may use Value cards that can track a customer’s online purchases and then create personalized coupons. Online businesses may also purchase another company’s customer database complete with e-mail addresses and home phone numbers. How much privacy do consumers deserve?

After reviewing this week’s resources, reflect on the concept of a manager as a steward of moral development and ethics in a global society.

Respond to the following:

  • How is the steward-manager similar to the concept of a servant-leader? How would the steward-manager fare in the global business world?
  • Should ethics be situational-based? Should there be different morals for dealing with different customers, clients, colleagues, or employees? What if the culture you are dealing with has morals that are different from your own? Defend your answers.






Acculturation Assessment Framework

It has been said that the only way to understand others is to walk a mile in their shoes. For this Discussion, you are asked to do just that. Every day throughout the world, individuals move to other countries seeking jobs and prosperity. To succeed, they have to master many cultural norms that may be alien to them or opposite to ideals they carry from their home country. The process of acculturation is a difficult one and not nearly appreciated enough by those who ask others to undertake it.

Using the information contained in the Molinsky article in this week’s Resources, complete a 2 x 2 acculturation assessment framework. Consider your abilities when operating in a culture that is not your own but that is somewhat familiar. Complete your matrix using at least three different situations (you may use the ones in the article).

For this Discussion, describe the types of situations present in your Quadrant 4, and suggest activities that could help you feel more competent and authentic. Note: You do not need to post all of your work, only the results of Quadrant 4.

  • What are specific types of information that a manager would need to know when either managing or conducting business on a global level? What questions would be important to ask? How would you find out what you needed to know?
  • What cultural differences might you find within your own country or region?
  • Why is it important to be culturally aware when managing ethical dilemmas in a multicultural or global context?



Review your pamphlet on critical thinking, focusing on the intellectual traits that may be developed through critical thinking.


  • How could developing these intellectual traits help mitigate the risks of managing in a virtual environment? How could they be used in working with a diverse population?


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