Article review Topic: Pathophysiology and Diagnosis of Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Must write review on article link at bottom of page

� Review Paper – Analysis of a Current Research Article: Describe and then critically
analyze a recently published pathophysiology research article. The research article
must be submitted and approved by the instructor no later than week 5. The research
article must have been published in the primary literature within the past three years.
Primary literature refers to articles published in professional peer reviewed journals, and
should not be review articles. You may NOT cite newspaper or internet news articles as
your sources of information, although something you see in the news may help you in
choosing a topic.
o Begin your paper with a brief review of the area of research that lead up to this
o Then describe the essential details of what was studied and how. That is, state
what question or questions were addressed in the study. Do not repeat all of the
methods and results of the article; you are to summarize this information.
o After describing the article, you must use critical thinking to analyze it. Consider
whether you think the evidence gathered and described by the authors is
appropriate to answer the questions they were trying to answer. To effectively
and critically analyze this study, it will be necessary to find one or more additional
study (or studies) done in this research area. You should compare and contrast
these studies to the article you have chosen.
o The last portion of your paper should include your final conclusions regarding
your analysis. You should explain whether you consider this article an important
contribution to the field of pathophysiology, just another interesting study, or poor
science that should be refuted with further study.
o You must include at least two references showing where you derived your
information and those references are to be cited in the text of your paper. Your
completed paper should be 5-7 double-spaced pages in length (excluding title
page, abstract, and reference page) and conform to the APA standard format.

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