Art History before 1200 CE

Annotated Bibliography

Kleiner, F. Gardner’s Art Through the Ages: A Global History. New York: Cengage Learning,      2010.

Art and architecture has managed to survive all the civilizations of mankind, implying that almost all elements of human culture are somewhat related to the origins of art and architecture. The book introduces the reader with discussions regarding the origins of art and architecture and how it was transferred throughout the ages of human existence. In addition, the author also discusses the most outstanding works of art and architecture that have managed to beat the test of time. Such an approach is vital in the attempt to draw the relationship that exists the elements of medieval art and architecture with the core aspects of contemporary culture such as housing designs, monuments and religion. This makes the book a vital resource in having an in-depth understanding of the selected topic.

Medieval Academy of America. Modern perspectives in Western art history: an anthology of         twentieth-century writings on the visual arts. Toronto: University of Toronto Press,     2011.

The main emphasis of the discussion of this book is on the modern perspectives of medieval art that are found in western art history. The author lays an emphasis on how the writings and other visual art artifacts of the twentieth century are related to the core aspects of medieval art. Medieval art was generally expanded by Europeans, who are the pioneers of the aspect of western civilization. This implies that medieval art and architecture has left a remarkable legacy in human history, and is propagated across the human cultures of all ages. The book discusses the formal characteristics of classicism, which serves as a continuous tradition that comprises of a realistic depiction. In addition, the history of medieval art can be argued to be the history of the interplay that exists between the fundamental aspects of the classical and Christian art, which are core elements of the modern day culture. This makes the book an important resource for the selected topic because it offers a comprehensive understanding of the core elements western art history and visual arts of the 20th century in order to correlate them with the present culture.

Sarah, Blick. Art and Architecture of Late Medieval Pilgrimage in Northern Europe and     England. Vol. 2. New York: Brill Academic Publishers, 2004.

Art and architecture has been a significant element of human existence since prehistoric times. Sarah analyses the revolution that medieval art and architecture has been subjected to since its conception in order to provide an understanding of how the various elements of medieval culture are embedded in the elements of contemporary culture. The reader is introduced into the aspects of medieval art and architecture and how they are manifested among the core elements of modern day culture such as religion, political systems and the daily ways of live of individuals. This is a n important source for the topic since the book outlines the relationship that the modern day culture draws from early and medieval art and architecture.

Medieval art in the contemporary world is diverse and spreads over a large scope of time and geographical space. From this perspective, the reader is informed of the origins of medieval art, times and places. Basically, the author discusses significant art movements in history, the genres of medieval art, cases of revivals, medieval artists and both national and regional art. The author then analyzes how these concepts are closely tied to the present day aspects of human life such as religion, socio-cultural contexts, political systems and economic systems. In addition, the book discusses how medieval art has contributed significantly to the aspect of civilization, with a specific consideration on the aspect of western civilization. This serves as a vital resource for performing the analysis of how core aspects of contemporary culture are related to medieval art.

Walker, Stephen. Gordon Matta-Clark: Art, Architecture and the Attack on Modernism. New        York: I. B. Tauris & Company, Limited, 2009.

Western civilization mainly details of how the European and the American way of life spread throughout the world. The western culture has a remarkable association with the medieval culture, implying that medieval art and architecture is an important aspect of westernization. The basic inference that the author makes from this observation is that medieval art and culture cannot be separated from the elements of western civilization. As a result, it is important to note that core elements of medieval art and architecture are usually manifested in the core elements of western civilization, which has a remarkable effect on the contemporary culture.

Zirpolo, L. “The Chapels of Italy From The Twelfth to The Eighteenth Centuries: Art, Religion,   Patronage, and Identity.” The Journal of the History of Art, 2011: 56-69.

In his article, Zirpolo focuses on the historical elements of medieval art and architecture, with a specific consideration on how medieval art and architecture has transformed religion. The author focuses on the transformations of the Chapels of Italy between 12th and 18th centuries. This transformation is significantly attributed to medieval art and architecture, which played a significant role religious transformations, culture and identity. The article also offers a descriptive approach on the core elements of medieval world and how art and architecture has managed to transform the elements of culture towards the contemporary world. The author also discusses the core elements of medieval art and architecture and how they are manifested in the present day culture. This makes the book a vital resource in the quest to find an answer to the selected research topic.

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