Argumentative essay Topic: Electoral College

The reasons the founders of the United States created an Electoral College, instead of having a direct nationwide popular vote election of the President.
The total number of Electoral College votes, and how many electoral votes are needed to become President.
Provide an explanation of how electors are divided or apportioned amongst the states. For instance, how many electors are apportioned to each state, and what is the method used for apportioning these electors?
How are the number of each state’s electors related to a state’s representation in the Congress – in terms of House members and Senators?
Also, who are these “electors” and how are they selected?
What happens after the November General Election leading up to Inaugural Day? For instance, explain what happens in each of the state capitols in mid-December and during a joint session of Congress in early January following the November General election.
In addition to the information that is available in your textbook, you are strongly encouraged to conduct some independent research outside of the course materials.

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