write a semiotic analysis essay.

You are to choose a piece of media relating to your discipline area and write a semiotic analysis essay. You must discuss your choice of media with your tutor prior to commencing*. This analysis should incorporate an ideological breakdown of the media object as well as critically reflecting on how these ideological representations relate to your chosen field.
Some questions to start off your semiotic analysis are:
-What signs, symbols or indexes are present in the media?
-How are they structured and arranged within the media?
-How am I being asked to engage with these signs? What am I being asked to think about with this media?
-What is the media saying/suggesting/implying by using these conventions and the relationship between them?
-Is this media challenging dominant ideology or reaffirming it? (Think about representations of gender, social structures…)

For this assessment you need to write a semiotic analysis essay. You can include more semiotics tools and concepts, but you have to discuss the following –
signs – the brief tells you to identify signs in your chosen media or thing related to your field (as appropriate please consider including signifier/signified; sign, symbol, icon; sign vehicle, sense, referent; and other semiotics ways of analysing signs – this will potentially lead to high level engagement in terms of how your submission is graded against the assessment criteria).
connotation and denotation – the brief tells you to state the denotation of each sign, and to analyse the connotation or connotations of each sign youve identified (be aware that the connotations must be discussed through something like an ideology – see the next point for details) .
ideology – the brief tells you the bulk of your analysis and discussion of the connotations of the signs youve chosen needs to be discussed/analysed/interpreted through at least one ideology (higher level essays will incorporate more than one ideology into the discussion, perhaps oppositional ideologies would be best, but anywhere that you can see notably different meanings/interpretation from different ideologies). Note: If you know the idea you want to talk about but cant figure what the name of that ideology is you can clearly explain what it is you are talking about in the essays introduction and refer to that (this assessment isnt about knowing the names of loads of ideologies but is focused on you considering the implications of engaging with media from the perspective of different points-of-view/worldviews/ideologies.
If possible, consider discussing the ideology that you think ties with the hegemony you think may link to the media or thing you are discussing. The hegemony is the dominant power or idea, it is the thing in control of how most people see things.

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The analysis should begin with an introduction that includes a description of your chosen media object followed by a clear statement of your argument and method of analysis.
You must identify the signs that you will analyse and discuss their denotative and connotative meanings. This may include the denotative and connotative uses of visual signs (colour, framing, character, logos, etc.) or audio signs (lyrical content, musical motif, sound effects). The connotative meanings analysed should focus on representation and ideology.
The essay must finish with a conclusion where you summarise you main argument and consider the ideological implications of your media object.
You must include still images, video clips or audio samples that illustrate your key points.
The essay can be submitted in the following formats, however you must confirm the delivery format with your tutor prior to commencing to ensure the file can be graded*:
Written document (essay) with images
Powerpoint, Prezi or similar presentation with accompanying recorded narration
Podcast, vlog, video or other format that addresses all assignment criteria (may include accompanying text file)
Instruction files

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