Write a research paper that, in brief, discusses What Was the Great Leap Forward?

Write a research paper that, in brief, discusses What Was the Great Leap Forward?Research and write a full one-page APA essay (double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, no pronoun usage) on any one of the Research Topics* found at the end of any one chapter of the World Geography, The Essentials. (Do NOT pick Review Terms)

Please APA cite a minimum of 2 academic references to support your research.
Include a diagram or image to enhance the essay with a content blurb under the diagram/image. NOTE: this may not take the place of the full page of writing content, so include it on the reference page.
Include a minimum of one direct quote from the textbook to tie your topic into something else that was learned in the course.
ALL content should be your own writing (not AI generated.) Content copied from other sources will result in a ZERO, your paper may not be more than 15% quotes. Please paraphrase anything you research in your own words.

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