Write a research paper outlining the various polymer separation techniques.

Write a research paper outlining the various polymer separation techniques.These labs are pretty interesting actually. there is no actual protocol on what to do – you kind of just make it up based off of what we have already done in lab.

We are required to bring random trash to the lab to recycle.
you need to write an introduction explaining what is recycling and how to recycle polymers, and how you can conduct a lab to recycle. in the intro include what are the issues with recycling.

for the protocol you have to do some research on how you would explain someone to conduct this lab. previously we did IR using the Nicolet is5. I will attach the template of the pre lab.

here is how to use the spectrometer:
• Log onto computer and sign in.
• Open the OMNIC program.
• Clean the IR machine with alcohol and let it dry.
• Run background
• Once complete, mount first sample on surface and turn knob finger tight
• Put the Wee Wee pad sample in the folder and name it.
• Measure the IR spectra.
• Check peaks and click on very top of graph to see all peaks.
• Print the results for analysis.

maybe you can analyze polymers under a microscope too? get creative

for chemicals attach the SDS sheet in a link too. follow the guidelines.

do not work on observations since lab hasn’t been done yet.

do the intro, procedure, protocol, the equipment and chemicals and that is it

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