Write a research paper on the conflict between Bali’s desire for mass tourism and sustainability.

Write a research paper on the conflict between Bali’s desire for mass tourism and sustainability.This is my Master’s paper. THIS IS NOT A THESIS. This is the development of a previous idea/paper. The initial aim was to study the paradox between indonesia’s policy in term of sustainability and mass tourism in Bali. I have two ways of exploring it:
1. Tourist Influence and Political Responses:
“Considering that tourists, through their choices and spending, essentially ‘vote’ with their money, how do political entities in Bali respond to, manipulate, or address these ‘votes’ in their policy-making, especially when tourist perceptions clash with local realities?”
Assessing how political entities in Bali interpret and respond to this tourist “voting.”
Investigating whether there have been shifts in policies, initiatives, or projects based on perceived tourist preferences.
Analyzing the challenges and implications for Bali when tourist perceptions clash with the priorities of local communities or the environment.
Exploring if and how political entities attempt to “educate” or reshape tourists’ perceptions and choices.

“How are narratives constructed around the environmental and cultural degradation in Bali, and how do these narratives reflect and reinforce power dynamics between tourists and locals? What are the political implications of these constructed narratives for policy formulation and implementation?”
Narrative control is a powerful political tool. Governments, local authorities, and other stakeholders may craft, promote, or suppress certain narratives to achieve political, economic, or social objectives. In tourism destinations like Bali, controlling the narrative can influence tourist behavior, international perceptions, and policy direction.
Potential Areas of Exploration:
Investigate into how narratives about environmental and cultural degradation in Bali are constructed by various political entities.
Analysis of the ways these narratives are disseminated, both domestically and internationally.
Examination of how these narratives align with or diverge from Indonesia’s broader political and diplomatic strategies.
Insights into how such narrative constructions impact relations with countries that contribute significant tourist populations.

WE ARE FOCUSING ON BALI AND BALI ONLY (you will have to explain a little bit why in the introduction, but basically it is a very popular tourist destination, would be good if you can show some graphics about that, so readers understand how popular it became)

If you have a better idea of approaching this topic, I am open but let me know before starting then.

It would be great to incorporate an interview or two, but I understand the difficulty of doing so, considering how remote the place is.

My professor told me to look at UNESCO sites in Bali, how they are protected and why… This could help us understand how the sustainable part works on the island, if it’s efficient, and if it could be applied more generally for example.

Balinese people follow the Tri hata Kana philosophy through the Subak System (irrigation system basically), it would be good to incorporate that as well in the paper, because obviously tourism practices tend to degrade that.

Let me know if you have any questions/ hesitations; it ‘s better that you ask me first than just take the wrong direction.

This is a paper that should be publishable on an academic level so focus on academic sources mainly, of course you can use social medias, newspapers articles and websites but be careful with their legitimacy. The Literature Review part is an important one so be careful about the articles you are using. (The Literature review shouldn’t be half of the paper either but it;s important)

Last but not least, the aim of this research is really to show how mass tourism is a political problem and should really be addressed to protect environmentally and culturally tourist destinations. Unfortunately it is not something that is taken seriously right now and a lot of places are already being destroyed because of that.

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