Water for Profit

  1. Choose a country whose information is listed on the site. Read through them and see which resonates most with you. Summarize their current situation from the standpoint of water.  Use these questions as guidelines (not all may apply).

a. Is this a developed or developing nation in need of international loans?

b. What corporations are attempting to control its water supply and why?

c. Is this a infrastructure problem (poorly funded/too few pipelines or treatment plants) or a funding problem (too few taxes to develop and a maintain water delivery system)?

d. Is this a water-wealthy or water-impoverished country?  Is anyone buying land to “own” the rights to the groundwater?


You’ll need to do some research to determine the country’s current situation regarding their water. Your summary of the situation should be limited to about 750 words.


  1. Compare this country’s situation to our water systems in Canada. What similarities or differences do you see?
  2. Finally, research whether or not you think Canada has, or at some point should, privatize some of its municipal water supplies (water filtration, sewage treatment or both).  Try to balance the pros and cons of this against efficiency, safety, conservation.

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