Visual Rhetoric in Videogames with Workscited

Guidelines for Research Narrative
Choose a question regarding visual rhetoric which you are genuinely interested in and
write a paper describing your inquiry process so far; what you found, where and how you
found it, where you think you will go next and what questions you have now. You must
keep in mind the following details:
Relationship to Course Content Objectives
Your topic should sustain your interest, be of significance to others and have been
published about in a variety of sources, which represent a wide array of viewpoints. In
this assignment you will use MLA formatting and indicate the sources you have
Your Interest in & Understanding of the Topic
Your research narrative will help you better understand your research on visual rhetoric
and our research and thinking processes in general so that you can evaluate what
practices are most helpful to you.
By telling a research narrative you will walk the reader through your research process and
tell them what you have found and why you were interested in exploring your topic.
Discuss any complications that arose, where you got stuck, where you became excited
over a piece of research found. What are they? Where did they come from? What do
they say in regard to your area of inquiry? How are they valuable? And finally, what
further questions or areas of inquiry do they suggest? Thinking back, does your reading,
writing, thinking process work for you? Are there things you should change? How?
What would you like to do next?

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