Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality (VR) technology seems to be growing in various applications, from marketing research and promotion, to consumer products, such as Samsungs VR set for smartphones.

However, is it just a fad, or will VR earn a prominent place in marketing applications and consumer electronics?

Conduct a research on VR technology, the predominant firms behind its development and applications. Conduct research on the top-3 i(or more, if you wish) deal market segments for VR products and/or software applications.

If you were hired by Apple to conduct a marketing study on the feasibility of an Apple VR attachment for iPhone and iPads, how would you conduct the study? What would your Problem/Opportunity Statement be? What Research Questions would you try to answer? Consullt our last lectures to help writing your answer. The answer must be analytical and thorough.

Font 12, Double-Spaced
Minimum of 5 References Required
Approximately 3-5 pages (not counting references or title page)

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