Total Quality Management

1. “TQM is a total system approach and is an integral part of corporate strategy. It works horizontally
across functions and departments involving all employees from top to bottom.” Explain and
elucidate the ramifications of the statement.
2. Examine the role and responsibility of top management of an organisation in achieving centred
focus on strategic planning.
3. The American quality crisis of being prolonged by what Derning called “the seven deadly diseases”
associated with traditional management practices. What are these seven deadly diseases? Explain.
4. Describe the type of documentation required for implementing ISO 9000 in an organisation and
seeking registration.
5. What are the general requirements in a quality award process? Examine one of the quality awards
critically and identify the factors contributing towards performance excellence in an organisation.
6. “TQM requires a different kind of thinking about customers, suppliers and shareholders/owners.”
7. What is meant by “Customer Value? Explain the concepts of ‘Value Realized, “value Sacrificed’ and
‘Net Value’.
8. Discuss the primary applications of control charts.

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