the war crisis in Darfur and whether Canadian troops

This paper sets out to discuss explicitly the war crisis in Darfur and whether Canadian troops should be sent to the war-torn region. The Darfur crisis is ongoing guerilla warfare in Sudan. The issue of contention has been poor treatment of the black Christian Africans in the south by the Arab northerners. This led the southerners to form militia namely the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and Justice and equality movement (JEM) in order to combat oppression and genocide attacks carried out by the mainstream Sudan military forces and the police in conjunction with the Janjaweed. The government sponsors the Janjaweed in an effort to wipe out the Southerners in joint combat.
In 2005 officials at the U.S. Department of estimated 63,000 to 146,000 dead. The United Nations estimates show that over 300000 people have been displaced both internally and to neighboring nations like Kenya. In 2007, The displacement monitoring centre estimated Kalma camp was holding over 100000 refugees while Kakuma in Kenya held 50,000 refugees which represented 21% Kenyan refugee population This numbers are some of the largest the world over.
In February, 2010 the government of Sudan signed an agreement with the Justice and equality movement, with further pledges to further pursue peace. The JEM, which is predominant in Darfur shall gain the most in the talks could to a semi-autonomous state similar to South Sudan. However, these talks are currently disrupted after the Sudanese government launched air strikes and raids on a village. This was a violation of the agreement and JEM has boycotted the talks pending further action. The conflict in war-torn Sudan is predominantly between Arab Muslim North and the Christian black South. This is not only a racial supremacy struggle where the Southerners are fighting against being viewed as slaves and the Arabs as the masters but also touches on religion

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