the middle ages

middle ages in art history refer mainly artworks and architectural production in FRANCE, ENGLAND, ITALY AND GERMANY.


Middle ages encompass one of the most exciting and turbulent times in English history. the medieval people of the middle ages were warlike, they have been described as barbaric. the crusades exposed the Europeans to a more refined culture and advanced architectural discoveries. the elegance of the far east, with its silks, tapestries, precious, stones, perfumes,spices,pearls and ivory prompted a change in culture with a new and unprecedented interest in beautiful objects and elegant manners. but meanwhile the battles for a new territory and power raged on in middle ages history. the history of the middle ages covers the major historical events which occurred during the period from 1066- 1485

the history of the middle ages with timelines, key dates and events in england some of the important and long events in the british history of the middle ages are :

the battle of hastings and the norman conquest
the bayeux tapestry
the doomsday book
the hundred years war between england and france
the black death
the wars of the roses and the end of the wars of the roses at the battle of bosworth
the great schism

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