The failure of sony corporation Strategic Management and Leadership

For Sony Company, explain how successful you think it is and discuss the strategic reasons behind that success (or why the company is not very successful).  Your explanation should include something about the contribution of leadership to the company.  Go on to suggest strategies and/or actions for ensuring success in the future.



We want you to tell the reader what is “special” about the company and justify your answer with analysis using frameworks carefully selected from those you have been taught.  Success could be measured in terms of growth, profitability, market share and so on.  But how has the company achieved this position which may well have taken several years?  It could be due to, for example:

  • Exploitation of opportunities in the factors in the far environment including market growth (but you MUST show clearly how the company has exploited the opportunities better than other companies – a simple PESTEL analysis will be awarded no marks)
  • A favourable near environment (but you must explain how the company has been able to position itself within that environment – a basic 5F analysis will be awarded no marks)
  • Strong strategic capabilities leading to competitive advantage
  • A clear competitive strategy consistent with strategic capabilities
  • Development strategies leading to growth
  • Methods of strategic development supporting the growth strategy
  • A well-managed international strategy
  • An effective innovation strategy
  • Good leadership

A combination of two or three of the above

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