Sociological Research

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1..Sociological Research… Imagine that you were tasked with redoing Mitchell Duneiers research of sidewalk vendors in New York City. This time, however, you are asked to use survey research. Using the scientific method and your knowledge from Finding Out How the Social World Works, create a research proposal for your project. Be sure to define the steps of scientific method and how you would employ them.
2…Culture….. Using the concepts of norms, folkways, and mores, compare and contrast the culture of fear, the new tattoo subculture, the stereotypes of Asian Americans in American culture, and native Hawaiian culture. Be sure to define norms, folkways, and mores in your answer.

3…Sociological Research…Using the four interrelated components of social structures as discussed in class, describe the similarities and differences between elementary school cliques and gangs. Be sure to define the components of social structure.

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