Social identity in relation to the Olympics

  1. Choose a topic from the list of ‘social identity’ topics

Social identity is concerned with individuals as a part of a social group, how they identify with that group, behave and adopt shared attitudes to outsiders.

Social identity (Reicher et al., 2010): Identities are: relational, shared, active, derived from history and the present

Social Identity Theory (Tajfel) and the minimal group studies.

Self Categorisation Theory (Turner): how people use different multiple, intersectional, changing, salient categories to define themselves References

Abrams, D. And Hoggs, M. (1990) An Introduction to the Social Identity Approach. In  D. Abrams & Hogg, eds. Social Identity Theory: Constructive and Critical Advances. Harvester Wheatsheaf, London, 1-9.

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