Social cognitive theory and physical activity

Analysis: the focus of the question/problem/task is understood; key
issues are understood and significant related issues are identified and used effectively to strengthen the response; theory and concepts are deployed in a manner which is critically self-aware and is innovative(where appropriate); ability to deploy competing/alternative, analyses/ perspectives/solutions is apparent; depth and clarity of analysis are compelling
Communication: the structure is clear; the form of communication/medium
selected is appropriate; technical and/or conceptual language or set of skills is used with confidence.
Knowledge: up to date subject/discipline-specific knowledge is used to illuminate the task and to make links with related
issues/tasks; depth of understanding is apparent in the ways knowledge is
used to inform the analysis/issue/task; critical appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of discipline/paradigm boundaries is evident; the work is
characterised by an informed, confident
( and sometimes innovative) use of appropriate knowledge.

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