Should U.S. Continue to Use Capital Punishment?


The issue of capital punishment in United States has been the subject of discussion for a long time and it continues to raise controversies up to date.  The group that supports capital punishment maintains that it is important to protect citizens from the act of criminals but at the same time, the Criminal Justice System ought to ensure that innocent people are not convicted.  On the other hand, the other group argues that capital punishment is not only inhuman as it violates the rights of individuals but also it does not solve the intended problem.  Consequently, the government in United States has been trying to come up with different ways of conducting capital punishment to ensure that the victims are subjected to the least possible suffering during their death.  However, even in that case, the main question is whether United States should continue to use capital punishment (Oppenheim n. d.). With that background, in mind this paper argues against capital punishment especially in response to the use off lethal injection.

            There are many reasons why capital punishment should not be used but the fact that it is inhuman stands out among the rest. Many procedures that are used while conducting capital punishment have proved to be inhuman no matter the precautions taken. For instance, recently, Times Editorial (2007) illustrated that use of lethal injection which was thought to be more humane proved to be inhuman as well.   In an execution which was carried out in December involving a person known as Angel Diaz, the results illustrated that even the most cautious mode of execution can sill turn out to be inhuman.  After using the lethal injection, doctors and other witnesses reported that there was a high probability that the victim was subjected to a lot of suffering during his death. Medics affirm that chemicals that were used did not go to the intended places.  Therefore, the fact that even such a procedure is in human does not require further emphasis.

            As highlighted in the introductory part, administering capital punishment has proved to be a complicated issue altogether. For instance, according to Times Editorial (2007), use of lethal injection requires a lot of procedures that are not only costly but may end up causing other problems. For instance, to have doctors administering lethal injection means that they have to go against their code of ethics.  Further studies illustrate that carrying out a lawful lethal injection that is lawful does not only require medical professionals, but also extra training as well as additional protocols of carrying out the same.  Therefore, even if the concerned department plans to make major improvement in carrying out capital punishment like providing further training and installing cameras in the execution room, it is explicit that the changes cannot result to a more humane execution.

 Capital punishment ensures that a person faces death penalty for the crime committed.   Apart from that, the penalty is supposed to deter others from committing the same crime. However, studies indicate that administering capital punishment does not reduce the number of murders committed (Times Editorial, 2007).  For that reason, although it is not easy to admit the truth, the effectiveness of the   penalty is still questionable. People still continue to commit capital crimes despite the penalty. Apart from being inhuman, it is clear that the punishment rarely achieves all its intended objectives.

A much as many may still argue in the favor of capital punishment, critical analysis on the issue reveals that it would be more beneficial to abandon the punishment.  The study has indicated that it is inhuman no matter how it is conducted since it exposes a person to much harm and suffering and it is also a complicated procedure due the requirements of the same.  Lastly, the study indicates; it does not plead to reduction in crime rate.  Therefore, all factors take into consideration, capital punishment ought to be abolished.

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