Scaffolding Between ELL Families and Schools

Introduction  English Language Learners (ELL) was introduced in schools system to cater for immigrants’ children who do not have proficiency in English language. Due to the spirit of globalization and presence of high immigrants, there is an increased need to cater for ELL family children and ensure that they fit in the system. ELL families continually stress on their desire for incorporation of programs in schools the help out their children to develop proficiency in English (Barone, 2007). It is therefore necessary to ensure a sound relationship between the teachers and the children is kept. Through having such a good relationship, the ease of the children adapting to these institutions is likely to increase. The teachers in these institutions have the responsibility of providing a public contribution towards ensuring academic success of the student and should also embrace diversity that exists amongst these students (Barone, 2007).  Cultural influence   Social and cultural influence of the ELLs families has led to development of English language to be minimal. The families are bound more due to their cultural values and most of the time they spend their free time with their families. As a result, their English is developing in a slower pace because most of the family members tend to prefer to talk in their native language. There is also the issue of the parents of the ELLs families’ not being good communicators of English language ((Appel, 2006). In reference to this, the children do not get to practice English at their homes since there may be a communication breakdown between the parents and the children. For better understanding between the parties, the families prefer to use the native languages (Appel, 2006). Bilingualism and usage of the home language  Bilingualism is the incorporation of native language as assistance to learning the English language. The ELLs can best be fit in usage of such language to increase the quick learning of the English language. Research has shown that students get to learn more if they are taught in the language they understand best. In this case, since most ELLs understand there native language more than English, it is much wiser to use the native  language in teaching them instead of using English, which they might not be good communicators of at that particular point (Lopez, 1999). It therefore means that the notion that those people who speak English language more at home are better academically is a hoax. Passing in English language is an integration of so many ingredients and not dependant on how much one speaks the language. It is also of no point to speak the language at home with one’s parents, especially if they are not good at it. Bilingualism usage is therefore deemed necessary in learning since if one understands the native language in his/her learning, it would be easier to translate the same to a new language, in this case English (Lopez, 1999).

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