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Summarize the reasons Mary Wollstonecraft used to support equal rights for women

Mary Wollstonecraft was opposed to gender disparity and advocated for women rights in education just as men. In her work ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Woman’ she maintained a radical viewpoint of gender inequality maintaining that feminism ought to be portrayed in psychology and physical aspects of women’s lives (Wollstonecraft, 2008). Her work was in response to education and political oppressors of the rights of women in the eighteenth century. In her view, she argues that being weak by harboring sentiments, choosing and vulnerability depicted by many women, should be disregarded but instead, women had to become educated and work towards their rights. Mary Wollstonecraft’s efforts to change perceptions towards women in the contemporary society are evident where she sought a campaign for women to become strong through working towards their rightful stance in the society. She condemns women being taken as marriage objects or as adornments, but opts for women becoming male companions.

The book came in handy following the French revolution when women’s basic rights were oppressed relating them to emotions and being vulnerable (DuBois, 1998). They were observed as having no rational or independent thoughts but rather were seen as emotional and irrational (Pennell, 2008). Mary Wollstonecraft vindicated for gender parity where she argued that educating women would go a long way in arming them with necessary tools in cultivating for higher position in the society. This would instead become a gateway to change their ways of living, become valuable and consequently add up to civilization. She disregards being prone to a feeling, which devalues them instead of becoming leaders just as men. She also opposes sexual enslavement facilitated by men and social training. She however, maintains that women should acquire a liberalized thought by becoming enlightened and at the same time be devoted to their families (Johnson, 2002).

Apply her thinking to an ethical dilemma that a woman you know has faced.

Feminism has proven to be aid in arming women with full parity economically, socially and politically as men. For instance they should own property, be voted in office and also earn a high position at the workplace (DuBois, 1998). This can be attained thorough higher education pursuit, which is an issue that a woman named Betty had to deal with. Her ethical dilemma was whether to secure an abortion and proceed with her studies at the university or fail to and remain confined within the domestic boundary. She was twenty three years of age having been impregnated by her boyfriend who denounced having been engaged to her and being responsible for the pregnancy. Betty had a dream career ahead, having aspired to become a surgeon after completing her medical school. How could she achieve this in her situation? Could she quit schoolings and participate in the child’s upbringing as well as undergoing psychological and physical trauma as a result of her condition, rejection and threats from her boyfriend?

Betty should enjoy abortion rights so as to confront her condition head-on and therefore, proceed with her education and ultimately participate in the corporate world. As Mary Wollstonecraft would have it, she has every right to decide on her life and avoid being confined within the domestic environment but rather, should actively cultivate to attain her goal by overcoming any obstacle that may appear on her way. This way, if women were awarded with the right of securing an abortion she would do it safely and proceed with her education, having learnt her lesson. On the other hand, this would prove impossible if women were denied such a right and would obscure her dreams, frustrate her and facilitate the notion of gender disparity in the society (“Update: Feminism,” 2008). close


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