Research Writing

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From national broadsheets and international corporations to the highest echelons of government, reports are commissioned to provide concise and accurate information. Reports give their readers the means to make an informed decision. This assignment asks you to examine a topic that you have chosen. As well as providing specific analysis of two different sides of this issue, you should analyze your research and findings.


Animal Experimentation

Animal rights

Appearance (Body image, societal expectations, anorexia, bulimia, plastic surgery, tattoos)


Death penalty (Executions, capital punishment, age/mental limitations)

Diet (Fad diets, health concerns, obesity as a national health problem)

English as an official language

Environment (Greenhouse Effect/global warming, land use/development)

Food (Organic, adulterated, genetically engineered)


Immigration and changing nationality (Illegal aliens, border crossings, benefits)

Internet (Privacy, censorship and offensive material, hackers)

Organs (Donations, transplantation, waiting lists, animal/artificial organs)


Prisons (Overcrowding, rights of prisoners, do they work?)

Privacy (Rights, needs of law enforcement,)


Rock/Rap music (Lyrics/performers encourage violence, drug use, etc.)

School dress codes

Smoking (Advertisement, public places, smokeless tobacco, secondhand smoke, tobacco company liability)

Television (Reality TV, violence on TV, values)

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