Research proposal Topic: SQL Database Problem

Thanks for the information regarding eMAR. Unfortunately it cannot be used.

The exercise in this course is not to put together a paper on an existing commercial database system. This, eMAR, is of course already designed and normalized. Professional DBAs with tons of experience have been working on this shrink wrap application for a long time.

The intention of this course is to design a database from scratch, identify the relevant data that you are going to need and then go through the process of bringing the un-normalized data from 1NF to 3NF, identifying functional dependencies etc., as per the term paper proposal and term paper instructions.

Students in the past have done projects on their DVD and film collections, their hobbies: stamp collections, knitting, food shopping organization, amateur basketball leagues, repair inventory systems, choir song lists, tools inventory for their garage, obviously the options are many and they depend on your specific endeavors.

As for the work already done, there is not much I can say. It is clear from the syllabus and the term proposal assignment, which is due weeks before the term paper, that a go-ahead is needed in order to continue with an approved project. Not sure why you invested time and effort on a non approved term paper subject.

I will waive any late penalties related to new proposal submission.

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