Research paper Topic: Terrorism in Pakistan

Core Assessment Description & Instructions: Case Study Research Paper:
The Core Assessment for this course will challenge you to become an “expert” on the causes, nature, and potential future of terrorist activity within a specific country.  You must write an 8-10 page research paper, using a minimum of 8 sources, in which you conduct a geographic analysis of recent terrorist activity within a selected country.  Your analysis must cover each of the three principle scales of geographic study: local, national/regional, and international/global.  (Note: The instructor will announce specific guidelines and procedures for country selection in class, and it is your responsibility to confirm your selection with the instructor prior to beginning your research.)
The paper must include the following sections:

Introduction: Must include a clear thesis statement about terrorism/terrorist activity within the country that you intend to prove through the evidence provided. (Content of Communication)
Local Scale Investigation: Summarize at least 4 of the most recent terrorist activities within the country by briefly describing the locations where the activities have taken place, the type/nature of each of the activities, and briefly discussing the reasons why these particular locations were targeted/used.  You should include a map in your report that, at minimum, identifies the location of each site discussed. [CLO#1; Application]
National Scale Analysis: Describe and analyze at least 4 of the elements of the country’s “Contemporary Operational Environment” (i.e., the physical and/or human characteristics of the region which contribute to the occurrence of terrorist activity).  In so doing, you should discuss the extent to which these elements illustrate the typical conditions found in areas where terrorist activity is most common. [CLO#2; Analysis]
International Scale Evaluation: Evaluate the impact terrorism has had within the country you are studying both regionally (i.e., in any neighboring countries) as well as globally (i.e., in countries outside the immediate region).  You should discuss whether or not you think the terrorist actions taken were the most effective means for the group/organization to achieve its stated objectives. [CLO#4; Evaluation]

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