"Research Methods for Criminal Justice & Criminology (3rd ed) M.L. Dantzker and Ronald D. Hunter"

Students will choose a research topic in criminology about they are interested, and they will prepare a research proposal for that topic as if they were going to do the research. Students are free to choose any topic they wish. It is your responsibility to seek out assistance with this assignment if you have question on your topic or the successful completion of components of this assignment.

This assignment will be comprised of three parts:  a written component, the Research Proposal Table, and a copy of any research tool (e.g., surveys, questionnaires, interview questions, and so forth) you have chosen for your study. This assignment will be completed in full essay format, including:  a proper title page, citations, bibliography, and the marking sheet attached at the end. It is strongly recommended that you complete the Research Proposal Table first, as this will help you organize your thoughts.

The Written Component:

The written component, which shall contain your,
1.    Research Question (restated from the Research Proposal Table)
2.    Research Hypothesis (restated from the Research Proposal Table)
3.    Literature Review
4.    Methodology

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