Research Assignment

Please write a 500 word research paper on one of the nine below topics and attached current global news items.You are expected to incorporate in this research paper the various topics from your weekly reading assignments and to utilize other scholarly writings.
Below please find 15 suggested topics for your final research paper. These topics are suggestive so if there is a topic that is keen interest to you please use it.

Instructions: This is a 500 word paper. You must follow the APA format. This is a graduate level research paper so please make sure that you provide supportive material for your statements. Also, this is your last paper for this course and it should reflect correct grammar and sentence structure and write clearly, and organize it so that the information flows and it can be understood by someone who may not be familiar with your topic. In this regard just make sure that you have proof read your paper. Finally, in selecting your topic please use primary sources for documentation where possible. For example, if you are citing statistics on unemployment in the US , it is better to go to the Department of Labor than citing what an author may have provided in a research paper.

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