The College requires you to do a formal paper in this class. It must comply with the MLA guidelines established by the Writing Center. If you Google “MLA writing,” click on the link:

The paper should be 5-6 pages. You are not required to do extra research. Take your information from the readings, lectures, and, especially, your own brain.

If you do research in anything outside our readings, footnote (endnote) it and give a bibliography.

DO NOT RETELL THE STORY! I already know them all! And DO NOT give me big quotes from the Bible so you take up more space. If you refer to a text, paraphrase it in your own words or just reference it (ex: Gen 3:1-7). Just give me your personal insights, thoughts and opinions.

I want college level thinking and proper English usage and grammar. DO NOT use contractions (don’t, can’t, won’t, couldn’t).That is not proper in a formal paper unless you are quoting someone. I do not like “run-on” sentences either. If you do not know what that means, ask the writing center!

You are not in high school anymore! You will loose points for bad English, misspelling and grammar! Plus, you will get me in a very bad mood.


(But I will accept them any time before that date)


Besides the standard MLA format, I want your papers to follow these division headings:

1. My Presuppositions (Explain to me how you felt having to take this course and what was going on in your mind).

2. Positively Speaking (Pick a book or section of the assigned OT readings that made a positive impact on your thinking and why).

3. Negatively Speaking (Pick a book or section of the assigned OT readings that had a negative impact on your life and why, or, you did not agree with the Bible’s perspective).

            4. My Concluding Thoughts (In your own words, tell me if you think the Bible   has an influence on the world we live in today and how it affects the life you live    as you interact with others in this world. Has your worldview and attitude          changed from taking this course? Be truthful. You will not loose points for             disagreeing. This is college!)


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