Relational Cultural Theory


Relational cultural theory preaches of having a society with growth-fostering relationship. It stresses that the main aim of development is not being independent and separated to other people, but rather to participate in relationships that foster the wellbeing of other people (Walker,2004). The theory discourages people against been isolated from other people and describes such an action as what causes human suffering.

The theory comes with some assumption about human life. The most basic one is that people stand a chance of thriving once they get themselves involved in the growth-fostering relationships. The theory focuses on establishing a relational unit, which comprises all people working together and success being the resultant. A model is derived from this that stresses on the connectedness among the individual involved. The relation culture theory also assumes that some experiences in life for example isolation are violations of relations and that cause human suffering as well as threatening the human survival.

The relation between men and women is treated different from the old psychology as compared to the relational cultural theory. In the Relational Cultural Theory (RCT) it stresses of the importance of having a growth- fostering relationship where ensuring the well been of everyone is put into considerations. An RCT relationship call for a scenario where everyone is treated with respect and there is no degrading any one due to such factors like culture and sexual orientation. The treatment of men and women is so different in old psychological theories: men were treated as superior to women in the old psychology. On the other hand, women intelligence was not considered and were viewed to be dependent on men. There were assigned the role of taking care of the children and what was considered “childish things” were relegated to them. The roles of women were despised by men and they were made to feel worthless and as just subordinates to men. RCT relationship on the other hand has brought out a relationship that equality among everyone is the main driving force. Discrimination of any kind is discouraged and men and women are treated of equal importance.

Critically RCT is a type of relationship that enhances mutual empowerment among the people in it. Aspects that may lead to its failure are greatly discouraged to ensure the success of this relationship. It is relationship where growth of people is of importance and people are judged by the characters they portray not by their sexual orientation or the race they come from. A cohesive society is likely to arise due to the existence of an RCT relationship since everyone is treated as an equal partner in the society.

There are many similarities between the ideas brought out in RCT and underlying values of social work. Social justices as well all equal provision of opportunities are two values that are upheld in social work. RCT on the other hand emphasizes on the need to create a society where everyone is treated as an equal to each other. The two relate in the sense that they campaign for equality in provision of services as well as treatment of people and stress that it is the only way success can be achieved. Integrity among individuals is also greatly upheld in both relations. The success of RCT depends on the parties involved in the relations bearing integrity in treating others in the relation, the same is necessary in social work, upholding integrity in the social work brings about success and accomplishment of success in people’s lives (Dominelli,2004). The sole reason of involving in social work is to ensure that people rights are not deprived but are greatly upheld: the same is preached in a RCT relation as people are expected to work together without discriminating each other for whatever reason and equal rights are provided.

Great guidance can be offered by incorporation of RCT values in our social work theory. The spirit of working together that is greatly emphasized in RCT can be of importance in ensuring that the rights that have been deprived off the people in the society are given back to the people. The service of social work is of taking responsibility of other people needs; by working with the less fortunate among us a RCT relation is formed. RCT also stresses on the importance of ensuring that there exist no disconnection among the society: this can act as a guide in social working ensuring that the togetherness amongst the people in the society is held out and there is no incidences of people been left out due to lack of anything (Dominelli, 2002).

RCT discourages a scenario of showing power dominance amongst the people since it lead to less interaction and loss of self-esteem among the people in the society. Practitioners of social work can borrow this trait since it ensures there is a maximum interaction between them and the people they are working for. Moreover, there will be no incidences of people feeling left out, also the society will feel free to share with them their needs and expectations (Walker,2004). A growth-oriented relationship as the main importance of creating an RCT relationship: the social workers can ensure that they establish this kind of a relation in their work to ensure that they are in knowledge of the needs of the society and can establish of the way better to solve this needs.

The old psychology of women is a notion that woman had about themselves and also what they were made to believe of themselves. For a long time, women were made to believe that they were weaker than men. Women were viewed as dependant beings that needed men in their lives in order to live. Taking care of the children and bearing them was their main responsibility any other task that was less valued. Cleaning of the house was another of their responsibility as well as taking care of their husband’s needs. Their worth was not appreciated and they were just subordinates of men. In return, a feeling of worthlessness and low self-esteem grew in them as they were viewed less important. It is also notable that they were expected to put the views of others before their own needs. On the other hand, the old psychology of men is a notion that men are superior beings to women. Their intelligence is deemed high and are also viewed as powerful beings. They do most of the thinking and they are not involved in any childish things. They are deemed of high esteem and they are the decision makers in all scenarios: what they consider right is right and they are of a higher class than women.

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