Reflection Paper

Read: Public Victory: Paradigms of Interdependence (p. 183 – 203)
During your reading, additional time should be spent on gaining an understanding of the
following terms: The emotional bank account, the six major deposits that can be made
into the account (understanding the individual, attending to little things, keeping commitments, clarifying expectations, personal integrity, and apologizing when
withdrawal are made).Personal Reflection Papers: The personal reflection papers provide an opportunity

for students to offer their own assessments of the problems posed in the unit. Students will complete their assignments from their own perspective and
personal experiences. Unlike the reaction paper, the reflection paper does not require
documentation from professional sources to substantiate positions.

The writer needs to know that I am a substitute teacher professional and I work at a public elementary school in an urban community. The writer can incorporate their own experience when reflecting on this reflection essay however, the writer must incorporate CLEAR EXAMPLES to emphasis the understanding of the material. The writer can use own experience just relate it or keep in mind my profession as a substitute teacher.

Also the writer need to answer the following questions on a separate page. The writer can use their own experience to answers the questions however the answer must present clear EXAMPLES and have some relevance to my profession as a substitute teacher professional.
The questions are as follows,

Have you ever been relating a problem to a friend or co-worker, when they interrupted you by stating that they knew exactly what you meant, the same thing happened to

them? In other words, evaluating you from their autobiography.Have you been guilty of doing the same to others, judging them and their problems from your perspective?
Based on your new understanding of this information, offer ideas on how you plan on not repeating this practice and how you could tactfully keep them from doing the same.
I will upload all the material soon!

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